Born For Bhangra : Lohri Edition with DJ Faith

13 Jan 2018 To 13 Jan 2018
lassic Rock Coffee Company Mulik Capital, Next To Mulik Lawns, Kalyani Nagar Pune India 411014
Name: Classic Rock Coffee
Phone: 7719063330
AAAAAND its back! We are sure you missed it as much as we did! Come over to Classic Rock Coffee Co. as we celebrate the first festival of the new year with pomp and show! Pune's favourite Punjabi deejay DJ Faith along with his team of Dholsters and folk dancers will keep you dancing till late into the night. The festival of Lohri is celebrated to say goodbye to the longest night of the winter and to welcome the harvest! Haven't heard Punjabi women go around the fire singing "Sunder mundriye ho!"? Then you clearly haven't had the chance to celebrate Lohri the way its meant to be! At the much awaited edition of Born For Bhangra expect a full on Punjabi setting, not stealing a single aspect away of the tradional feel, with live dholsters, dancers and of course the Lohri bonfire! So Pune, are you Born For Bhangra?
Who all can attend the Event
All college students