Begin the New Year with New Vision of Life!

13 Jan 2018 To 13 Jan 2018
AGEAC Aundh-Baner Link Road, Aundh, Pune 411 007
Name: Ananya Ghosh
Phone: 7760984791
Please come, attend the free introductory session of the Phase-A course of "New Vision of Life" in the center in Aundh-Baner on 13th January 2018, Saturday, 5pm-6pm : Know and explore the journey and solve the puzzle of life for real happiness!

There is only one good: Knowledge and only one Evil: Ignorance - Socrates

Have you ever asked yourself:

Who am I really just another person on earth with some name? What this life is which I am living? Why I am born in this family, with certain situations?
Is the purpose of life just to be born, get educated, earn money, get married, have children, grow old and one day finally die? Or am I missing the big picture?
Have you ever wondered about things like:
Are the dreams that I get during sleep true and revealing something?
How was the Universe formed? Are there unknown living worlds around us?
What are the secret truths taught by Mayan, Aztec, Inca, Tibetan, Egyptian, Vedic, Greek cultures which I can apply today to make my life better?
How can I solve difficult problems in my life?
How can I change myself and handle situations better?
How can I get some peace in mind and real happiness in my busy life?
Get answers for these and many more questions in life from our regular course New Vision of Life. This scientifically designed structured course is conducted in our center comprising of @20 classroom sessions + meditation practices. You can attend the introductory session to know more to make choice to sign-up for the course.
Who all can attend the Event
All college students
Why Should you Participate?
Various topics studied in the course are Meditation for True Wisdom Uncover mysteries of Dreams Law of Karma, Death, Return Egyptian and Mayan Secrets Hidden truths of Life and Universe Tibetan Lamasary, Mind and many more....