Overnight Tent Camping,Free Guidance on Investment Portfolio,Guitar Music!

17 Mar 2018 To 18 Mar 2018
RainBow Island - Day trip & Camping Destination near Pune RainBow Island, Pune, Maharashtra, Pune, Maharashtra 410506
Name: Darshan Gugale
Phone: 8806962968

*Overnight tent camping with a session on "Investment Portfolio" from the expert in Investment field*

*Concept-Retire Young,Retire Rich*

Date-17th - 18th March

Check-in time:-07.30 pm, Saturday at our campsite
Check out time:-9:00 am, Sunday
Place- Kasarsai Dam

Our campsite is just 30 kms from Pune.You can come self riding/driving till.our campsite as per your own convenience.

Trekfit adventures always believes in organising some different events every month along with some Value added information to our campers
followed by our fun camping activities.

So for the coming weekend 17-18th March we are going to have 45 mins session from Investment portfolio expert who will tell us some basics of where to invest, basic information about Stock market too.

Campers can also add their information related to investment along with the expert.

After this session we will serve High tea followed by Fog dance along with music system,Tent pitching activity and then Dinner for all campers.

Post Dinner we will play 3 group games where winners will get prizes and then Guitar camping will be conducted by our expert guitarist.

Bonfire and Guitar camping will be conducted till late night untill you all feel sleepy.

In between we will also share our travel experiences,Places to visit,treks to be done and some of our adventurous experiences.

Till 7 am sleep time in case you feel sleepy or else you can enjoy Guitar music late night.

Early morning we will play Cricket at our campsite followed by breakfast and then check out by 9:00 am.

Cost-Rs 1100

*Cost includes:-*
-Evening tea and Snacks
-Fog dance
-Investment expert session
-Tent stay
-Guitar music
-Star gazing activity
-Fun games

*Things to be carried for camping*
- Shoes(Optional)
- Torch
- Blankets to sleep

Camping is usually a time when you go back to basics and enjoy simple pursuits such as gazing at stars, hiking and playing games together as a group.

*Weaker wifis in the forests but still a stronger connection????*

*Contact Details-*
Divya -9158860831?

Canara bank savings ac no.
Name-Darshan gugle
Ac no-2829101007649
Ifsc : CNRB0002829
MSFC, Senapati bapat road Branch
Who all can attend the Event
Open for all