Dr D Y Patil Educational Enterprises Charitable Trust’s Dr D Y Patil Knowledge City, Charholi (Bk.), Via. Lohgaon, Pune

20 Mar 2018 To 21 Mar 2018
Dr D Y PATIL SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY Dr D Y Patil Knowledge City, Charholi (Bk.), Via. Lohgaon, Pune – 412 105
Name: Rahul
Phone: 9156087488
Dr D Y Patil Educational Enterprises Charitable Trust’s
Dr D Y Patil Knowledge City, Charholi (Bk.), Via. Lohgaon, Pune
A National Level Technical Event
1. The participant must be studying any undergraduate course from any recognized University.
2. Maximum two authors per paper.
3. Bring one hard copy as well as soft copy of paper as format.
4. First selection will be based on abstract. If you are selected on the basis of the abstract, you will get a call from us for the final presentation.
5. College I-card is mandatory.

Paper Format:
1. A4 size, max 12 pages including index and abstract of IEEE format.
2. Abstract should contain about 200-300 words
3. Font size should be 12 (Times New Roman)
4. The mail with submissions (along with abstract) should contain:
i. Title- theme of the paper.
ii. Name of both the Participants.
iii.Contact Number (What’s app)
iv. Receipt Number
v. E-mail ID of both of the participants
Topic: Any Technical or Non-Technical

? Model Making
1. Max 2 Participant /team
2. Organizers will provide all required materials ( Pop stick, fevicol)
3. Model Should Be As Per Specification (Strictly)
4. Load will be applied on the Model until it’s Failure.
5. Decision taken by Judges will be final.
6. Time Limit – 4 Hrs

? Town Planning

1. Max 2 student/ team
2. Sheet will Provided
3. Size of Sheet – Full Imperial
4. Time limit = 4 hrs
Plan a town along with Report ? Auto-CAD & CATIA Race
1. Only one entry per student is allowed.
2. The event will be conducted in single rounds
3. Max. Time given is 30 minutes to complete drawing
4. The rules may be subjected to change according to circumstances and decisions.
5. Drawing has to be completed by using Auto-CAD 2012 & CATIA V5 tool
Judges will review the drawing, and they will award points based on
• Completeness of drawing
• Accuracy
• Dimensioning and labeling
• Drawing skills
• Time taken

? Programming Contest
1. Individual Entry
2. Three Rounds
Round I- Technical Aptitude
• 30 Ques – 30 Marks – 30 min
• Ques based on basic concept of PL
• 15 participants selected for next round

Round II – Blind Screen Test (C / C++)
• Time – 3 min Codes + 2 min error correction
• 10 participants will be selected for final round

Round III - Final Round
• Implementation in Java / C++/C
• Max time – 2 hrs

3. Evaluation
• Time required for complete execution
• Completeness
• Correctness
• Logic / Algorithm
• Number of lines of code
• Documentation & Comments in Program
? TECHNO-MECH-WAR (Mechanical)
Three Rounds:
Round1 :
Aptitude on General Knowledge
Round 2:
Round 3:-
Technical & Non-Technical Quiz
• Questions will be based on syllabus of Mechanical Engineering.
• College ID card is mandatory

1. Measure the distance without using any instrument.
2. Distance to be measured may be horizontal or vertical.
3. Time limit- 2 min

? Automotive Clay Modeling
1. Structures should belongs to Automotive / Mechanical Engg
2. Max 2 participants are allowed in a group.
3. Max time allotted- 2 Hrs
4. Clay will be provided
5. Participants have to carry their own tools for finishing the model
6. Specifications of models & other rules will be announced at the event.

? Web Era
1. Maximum two students in a group
2. Select the topic of your choice for web site
3. With the help of Information available on
internet prepare the web site
4. First Round Maximum time 1 hr after that based on
Judge’s decision Three groups will be selected for
Final Round
Max two students per group.
The quiz will be held in three rounds.
written elimination round with the top teams getting to participate in the final
2-Round : GD
On the basis of merit they go for final round.
Final round: PI.
The decision of quiz master will be final and binding.
The entries are restricted to students currently pursuing education in recognized institutes.
Students from different colleges can form a single team.

1. Max 2 Participant /team
2. The potential difference between any two points should not be exceeding the limit of 12V.
3. If robot suddenly stops in the arena due to any technical problem, it will be disqualified.
4. Robot should not damage any port of arena in case it does so it will be disqualified.
5. Note: The ROBO must not be made of READY-MADE materials, if it is so ROBO will be disqualified
• Track width is 30cm.
• Arena will consist of Slopes, speed breakers, marble pits, slippery path, curve ramp down, hanging bridge, sea-saw, slotted ramp, Stones, Rotating disc etc.
• Wire should remain slack under all circumstances during the competition. Wire should be properly insulated and stacked.
Robo specification:
1. Robo Size – 30*30*30
2. Weight ;- 2.5kgs
3. Distance Between two wheels : more than 12 cm (Along Width )
4. Maximum voltage : 15 Volt
5. Wire length : 6 meter (minimum)

Special Attraction
Slow Biking
RC Racing
Box Cricket(Max 8 participants/team)*
5A side Football (Max 8 participants/team)*
* Participants should be from Engineering/ Polytechnic College
Who all can attend the Event
All college students